Felicitation of the service of Mr. Ngueyen Duc Hoang

On 10th April 2019 at the National Project Steering Committee (NPSC) meeting of the project on Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Marginalized Agricultural Communities Living in the Mahaweli River Basin of Sri Lanka (CCAP), the Committee took the opportunity to felicitate and bid farewell to Mr. Ngueyen Duc Hoang who served as the World Food Programme’s Deputy Country Director in Sri Lanka since December 2014 and has been a principal actor in coordinating CCAP since his arrival.

Mr. Hoang has been an important decision maker throughout this project, spearheading the project progress and monitoring the project funding. He was instrumental in securing two extensions to the project timeline which was essential to its successful and sustainable completion. Mr. Hoang was also an important mediator in bringing in the UNDP as the second executing agency of the project activities. Above all Mr. Hoang has been a kind and honourable leader who has earned the respect of everyone involved in this project.

At the NPSC meeting the Secretary of the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment Mr. Anura Dissanayake, thanked Mr. Hoang on behalf of the Ministry and the Project Management Unit (PMU) for his dedication to CCAP. He commended Mr. Hoang for navigating the project through its best and worst times, which has not been an easy task. The Secretary also recognised that the success of this project has been mainly dependent on the patience and dedication of Mr. Hoang. The representatives of the UNDP also spoke in high regard of Mr. Hoang and thanked him for his commitment to the project.

Mr. Hoang in turn thanked the Committee and project staff and stated that it has been an honour to work on this project. He expressed his belief that Sri Lanka has much potential to reach its development goals. He also said that he has enjoyed his time working in Sri Lanka and has always been impressed by its natural beauty.

The Ministry presented Mr. Hoang with a token of appreciation to recognize his valuable contribution to the project. The PMU wishes Mr. Hoang every success in his future endeavours.